Welcome to the world?

Hello everyone.  This is my very first post in the blogosphere, so I figure I’d give a brief idea of who I think I am… Nobody

I am a husband, a father, a son and a brother.  I am an American, a CITIZEN of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  I’m a volunteer EMT-B and I’m on the Dive Rescue Team (plus I drive and do some vehicle rescue stuff too).  I was in the 82D Airborne, but I am a (non-combat) disabled vet.  I got out in July of 2001.  It killed me when *my* unit got deployed without me (several times), but in the end I’m glad I wasn’t there.

I was raised by a retired Naval Chief Petty Officer (and Master Wood-worker) and a loving, working, mother.  We grew up without a lot of material things, but we had our Freedom.  While I went to high school in the 90’s, you could still have a rifle in the back window during hunting season.  Hell, you were expected to since you’d lose too much daylight between when school let out and when you could get to your hunting grounds if you had to run home to get it… anyway, I grew up as Free as could be, and for a long time I was naive enough to think things would be that way for my kid(s).

I began to realize how much things had changed back in 2007 when I caught wind of the anti-war protesters threats to deface the war memorials in DC.  So I was one of the “eagles” that gathered there.  I was not there to prevent them from exercising their right to free speech, I was there to prevent them from disrespecting the memories of those who fought and died so that they could exercise their rights (I know, I know, not all of the battles that have been fought by our military really did anything for our Freedoms here at home, and I wish that those fights had been avoided, but that doesn’t reduce the sacrifice paid by those in the military).  But that was just the beginning of my education (it all started with my questions of “what the hell are they talking about, they don’t make any sense”, but that’s a topic for another day… maybe I’ll share the piece I attempted to write about it sometime).  In the years since, I have learned a lot.  I don’t even disagree with everything those anti-war (and whatever else strikes their fancy) protesters were saying, I just disagree with how they’re saying it (or should I say how they were saying it… I haven’t seen them out protesting the wars nearly as much since O-bummer got into office… tells you something right there about what they truly believe, doesn’t it?)

I have re-read the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and a whole medley of other books/papers/history, and I’m coming to realize how much Freedom we/our parents/grandparents/etc have given away.  It is time for it to stop, no one can take my rights, I have to give them up… and I refuse to do that any longer.

I was at Gravelly Point Park in Virginia on April 19, 2010. I have been an active Open Carrier since then, including when I had to stand alone: Philly, PA, Scranton, PA and even Washington, DC (although I was relegated to an empty holster in the halls of Congress). I do not list these to praise myself in any fashion, in fact, I wish I were not alone in these acts of defiance of government tyranny…  Hell, I wish these acts were not necessary.  The thing is, I know I’m not alone. There are a lot of people out there that are beginning to open their eyes, or as Alvie says, “Put on the Hoffman Lenses.”  The silent majority is waking, but will it be in time?  I don’t know, but I hope I can do my part to wake up more folks.

Although I don’t expect this page to be updated daily, or probably even weekly, I will do my best to keep my thoughts flowing.  Feel free to get in touch with me about anything I write here.  I’m open to ideas.

In conclusion, I am nobody, but I am standing now so that my children can be Somebody.

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