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Alright, this page is going to be a place for me to gather my political and personal thoughts and put them out there for others to try to convince me otherwise (or agree with me if you think I got something right). They are in no particular order, just as the thoughts occur to me. I may come back and rearrange them later into something that make sense, but I may not… deal with it :)


  • I hate titles because they never encompass the entire meaning, but I am best described as a Constitutional Libertarian. What this means is that I do believe we need to have minimal state and federal governments to take care of things that individuals are not typically equipped to do, like: national security, roads, foreign affairs and trade (I’ll get into more detail on these particular issues later). Other than that, we ought to be responsible for our own lives, families and welfare. That’s pretty much it.


  • Politically, the federal government has no right to say anything about the matter either for or against. I’m not sure that individual states have the right to say anything for or against it either. At the same time, no government (local, state or federal) has the right to take tax dollars and provide it for abortions.
  • Philosophically, I believe that abortions are murder. It is my job as a human being to try to convince people that abortions are wrong, but this is MY OWN OPINION, and as such, the government has no right to force this opinion on anyone else (and vice-versa).
  • My opinion on this has changed.  I now believe there is no justifiable excuse for it.  Abortion is murder, plain and simple.  If you think I’m wrong, riddle me this: if someone kills a pregnant woman he is charged with a double homicide, but if a pregnant woman kills a product of herself it’s called right to choose.  Why is it OK for a pregnant woman to kill her fetus but it’s not OK for a stranger to kill it?  What if the pregnant woman that was murdered was on her way to an abortion clinic?  Would that still be a double homicide?  She was going to kill her own fetus, the other guy just got both of them.  There are too many things that don’t line up with America’s actions concerning the unborn.  A human is created at the moment of conception with the right to life.  If you don’t want to have a baby you have many options to prevent it… condoms, the pill, diaphragm, etc.  Oh, yeah, can’t forget the most effective method of birth control… abstinence.  Don’t get me wrong, I had pre-marital sex, but I got lucky and never caused an unplanned pregnancy (that I can confirm right now).  However, even if I had, I would have done everything in my power to keep that baby alive.


islam I know I didn’t capitalize it, and I will never do so on purpose

  • I agree completely with Ann Barnhardt on islam. Muslims are a scourge on the face of the earth. I used to think there was a difference between “radical” muslims and “sane” muslims, but over time I have come to the realization that there are no sane muslims. I don’t have time to look, but if I did I’m sure we could find at least one new news story every day of the year about some muslim committing a crime against either a non-muslim or even another muslim. Now, by crime, I don’t mean something that’s considered a crime to the muslims, but something that’s considered a crime by anyone with any morals at all. I differentiate here because in Pakistan, for example, it is not a crime to commit a rape, it is instead a crime to be raped (unless the victim has four male eyewitnesses that will testify that she was indeed raped… how likely is that in a “religion” that treats all women, even muslim women, as mere property with no rights or human value?). This act and many many more are actually spelled out in the koran. Yes, I have read most of it, along with the hadith. I did not read all of it because it honestly made me sick. I saw enough in there to know that islam is not a “religion of peace”, but it is instead a totalitarian form of rule created by a sick and twisted man. He was close enough to the time of Christ (mohammed lived approximately 570-632 A.D.) to see what power religion could have over average, uneducated people. Islam was a religion of peace only until he gathered enough followers to wage a successful war, and then he got ugly.
  • The reason I say there is no such thing as a sane muslim is because I’m not seeing any of them coming out and denouncing these types of things. So you may say, “but oh, Christians have committed all sorts of atrocities!” My answer to that is, yes, they have, but whenever that happens the Christian world comes out against the perpetrator(s). As far as the Crusades… the Crusades were only started after islam had conquered a large majority of Europe and non-muslims were in dhimmi status. This went on for about 400 years before Europe finally decided to get rid of islam. If you don’t think dhimmi status could be all that bad, think of it as being a slave, only worse. Before you drag out the crusades, how about you do some research and find out the truth about them.
  • Question – If you are so afraid of the “radical” elements of your religion that you dare not speak out against them, who is in charge of your religion? The “radicals” that are taking all the action or the “good ones” that are staying quiet and letting them? Does that define your religion of piece?


  • I wouldn’t mind paying taxes so much if my taxes were used to support the things I actually use, like fixing the roads. But when my taxes are used to pay the idiots that are too lazy to get off their asses and take care of themselves, I’m not too happy about that. And no, I(we) do not have any responsibility to provide a “social safety net” for anyone.
    It is not my fault that you don’t have a job. Don’t complain about the fact that you are poor or were born poor, do something about it. Better yourself. I was born and raised in a very poor family, but I bettered myself and I now think it a privilege to be able to help my mom out whenever she needs it (dad is dead, or I’d help him too). I bettered myself by finding something I enjoyed doing and getting good at it. I won a half scholarship to a 2-year tech school and got an associates degree (the rest of the tuition was done with a student loan… which should be handled by banks, not the government). When I graduated college, I was so good at what I did that my starting salary was more than both of my parents’ combined salaries. That’s how you better yourself. You certainly don’t become a better human being by sitting on your couch collecting a government paycheck and complaining about what you don’t have. If I know someone in need who is really trying to make things better, I will do what I can to help them. I will not agree to help people I don’t know that are doing absolutely nothing to try to help themselves. I have tried requesting a breakdown of the governments spending habits so I could adjust my tax deduction to cover only those things that I need them to do (see the above list), but they have never provided me one. I have not withdrawn completely from the tax system because I cannot afford to go to jail and leave my family without a father and husband (and the government has all the guns, so while I may put up a fight, they will win against just me).

I’ll stop on the taxes, but I will move on to the “social safety net” later.


  • Philosophically
    • My opinion on this has evolved over time. When I was still a child (late teens, early 20’s) I was so vehemently anti-gay it’s not funny (and was borderline criminal). In my mid 20’s I met some folks who had gay friends and they talked to me. I still thought that being gay was philosophically wrong, but as long as I didn’t have to watch it, go for it. Over the last few years, I’ve had some more realizations. Some of you claim that it doesn’t happen in nature. I claim that it does. The next time two of my male dogs go at it, maybe I’ll get a picture for you. I only have male dogs (because the female pit-bull got vicious to the other dogs around her food bowl… when my wife got pregnant we knew couldn’t take the chance on her attacking our child, so we gave her to our friends and she is in a loving home, being the only dog there). Anyway, the first couple times I saw the “boys” go at it, I thought it was just a fluke. They didn’t realize that what they were doing wouldn’t work, but they would figure it out… well, they didn’t figure it out and I catch them going at it regularly. So there goes the against-nature argument.
    • Some of you argue that God is against it, he says so in the Holy Book. It’s been too long since I’ve read the Bible or the koran, so I won’t attempt to argue the specific verses you may cite; however, Christians, why are there so many gay pedophile pastors? Why does the church usually move them instead of releasing them from the church’s service to be punished by the civilian world? And you, muslims, what do you boys do to each other on Thursdays? No, don’t actually answer with specifics, prove to me that you don’t, as a culture, have an awful lot of gay pedophiles in your ranks.
  • Politically
    • My theory on any government making any rules about homosexuality are essentially the same as my views for abortions: No government has any authority to make laws for or against homosexuality. What two individuals do in the privacy of their own home is their business. However, if you try to do it in front of me I will probably ask you to stop, but that depends on what you are doing. A simple kiss is nothing. Groping, fondling, etc is not appropriate for public consumption… and this goes for heterosexuals as well (my wife has accepted the fact that I don’t really do more PDA than a simple kiss and holding hands or a hug).


  • This is a very hard topic to cover. I’m not sure what I really am, but I consider myself a Christian, if only loosely associated with them. I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic… heck, I was even an altar boy for a few years. All my young life though, something just didn’t feel right. I don’t know how to explain it. After I turned 16 and started to drive, I went around to a lot of the local churches and even a synagogue or two. There weren’t any of the eastern religions nearby that I knew of, and there were no muslims either, so I read books about them. My opinions on religion were formed throughout this time, although I had a few years where drinking got the better of me and I was not a good person. After my years of searching, it boils down to the fact that I don’t believe in organized religion. I believe in God and I try to live my life in accordance with Judeo-Christian values, primarily as set forth in the 10 Commandments, but I am much more comfortable and I find much greater value in sitting with friends (and even some strangers) and discussing life. Whether we talk about the bible or we talk about “philosophy”, I get a better understanding of life. I would say that I’m in line with Ben Franklin’s idea of an American Religion, but I haven’t done enough research to know whether I can accurately put myself there (my late start to learning about our history and the business of daily life limit the amount of reading I can do). I will admit that I haven’t read the bible in a long time, but it doesn’t change the fact that I try to be a good man. I fail at times, sometimes spectacularly, but I try. That is all that we can do.
  • As far as non Judeo-Christian religions go, if it is not hurting anyone else, go for it. I don’t care if your god exists in a tree or a star, if you are a good hearted person and only seek to make your life and that of those around you better, best wishes.
  • As for islam… I think I covered that already. Islam is not a religion, it is a cult of evil, nothing less.

This is all I have time for right now. I’ll add more thoughts as they occur (and I have time). Feel free to try to change my mind using logical arguments. Flaming to this page will not be tolerated (you can disagree with me and I will post it, but if you call me names for my opinions and you have no logical argument, I’ll either edit it or just straight up delete it).

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Actually nice to read through “random thoughts” and get one’s perspective on themself before pouring through their blog and trying to decipher where they stand.

    For all I know, you could actually be some made up personality by some Air Force enlistee trying to ferret out enemies of the Fed – don’t take that as an insult if you are not, I just know they are out there. Eitherway, you know I exist now.

    But on to the original reason for the response here, and I am sure it was just a mistake – you said you would never capitalize the word islam… under the third bullet of the Religion section you capitalized the word. Thought I would pass it along before someone decided to chide you for it later.

    This has been an interesting read so far.

    • Thanks. But the one I think you’re referring to, “…average, uneducated people. Islam was…” is capitalized as the first word in a sentence, not as a proper noun.
      I can’t bring myself not to follow the rules of grammar to the best of my ability (and I can still do that while not recognizing islam as a proper noun).
      If you see another one capitalized in a different context, please, let me know and I will correct that ASAP.
      Edited to add:
      I found another place that you may be referring to, “…that already. Islam is not…“. But again, that one is capitalized as the first word of a sentence.

    • No apology necessary. I fought with myself before even capitalizing it in the two places that I did because, well, I said I would never capitalize it. Never say never, right
      I’m actually glad you asked about it, it should save me from having to clarify it in the future when someone else notices it :)

  2. Mark. Though you’ve posted these comments of yours under the heading “Random Thoughts,” in reading through them I would contend that you’ve thought these ideas through rather thoroughly, and thus they are not necessarily random.

    • True enough.
      On the other hand, they are random in that they are not in any particular order and they are subject to change at any time upon receipt of more information.
      And when something else I find important enough crosses my mind, I’ll put down my ramblings here.

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