The Bottom Line

via CA, I was sent to The Bottom Line by Ontoliberty. At the end, he sums it up with

YOU are harassing us.YOU have overstepped your delegated authority.YOU have violated your oath.YOU are trying to provoke a response.YOU are the real criminal.

“I was just following orders” has never been an acceptable defense.

You,individually,have a decision to make:

Treat us with respect,and we will respect you.
Behave honorably,and we will honor you.
Do the right thing,and we’ll do right by you.

Don’t,and we won’t.

The decision is yours alone.


That’s about all it comes down to, isn’t it? Especially this part: “You,individually,have a decision to make

It’s not just the wannabe tyrants that have a decision to make. Each of us must make our decision.

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