My Speeding Ticket Update

So, back in April I got a speeding ticket, here’s the story: Are Police Above The Law?
One of my reps had one of her people forward it to the PSP as I requested (the day after I sent it to them) and I got a response from PSP today (finally). Here it is:

Your complaint regarding Tpr. EILER’s driving and duty performance on 04/27/12 has been reviewed by myself and several members of the PSP command staff.

After a thorough review, we have found no wrongdoing on the part of Tpr. EILER, and no violations of departmental regulations.

Your complaint has been resolved and the matter closed.

Thank you.

Cpl. Todd BRIAN | Patrol Unit Supervisor
Pennsylvania State Police |Troop F, Lamar/
7127 Nittany Valley Dr | Mill Hall, PA, 17751

Well, that is an unsatisfactory answer, so I sent this in response:

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Re: PSP Complaint
Date: Wed, August 22, 2012 3:36 pm
To: “Brian, Todd A” |
Cc: “Young, David J” |
“Tobias, Robert F” |

So, you condone your officers violating the law (speed limits and other
sections of PA Title 75) and disregarding public safety (severe congestion
with erretic speed changes caused solely by Eiler’s driving)? Average
citizens get tickets for these violations.
It is apparent that you, and Eiler, believe that you are above the law.
This means that you do not actually recognize the rule of law unless it
applies to citizens. Do you arrogant bastards even realize that the Rule
of Law protects you more than it is supposed to protect the citizen? How
long do you expect citizens to tolerate this lawless behavior from the
“law enforcement” officers? You are all a disgrace to the uniform. Every
time I have to interact with one of you people wearing the PSP uniform, my
trust and respect of you all gets lower.
Beware what will happen when we average citizens begin to treat the law
the way you treat it. You will be the first to feel the effects of it.
We are fast approaching a day when a citizen will feel safer by running
from anyone wearing a badge and/or uniform than submitting to you… And a
citizen running from you is the best you could hope for, many won’t run,
they will choose to protect themselves from you in other ways.
Reestablish the Rule of Law before it is too late. Punish Eiler for his
violations (that were recorded on video) and spread the word amongst your
troops that further violations of the law will not be tolerated before the
citizens feel they have to correct you. The fact that I was speeding is
not in dispute, but in the video you can clearly see that I was following
Eiler at the same speed he was travelling without lights and/or sirens (as
required by state law). That is all the evidence you need to prove that
he was violating the law. His attitude when I questioned him about his
speed is more than enough to show that he doesn’t believe the law applies
to him. I won’t go into his actions when I asked him about it in the
courtroom, but it was even more disturbing than what you can see in the
This is not the end of this matter.

Mark Roote

They simply don’t realize what they are setting themselves up for.

Are Police Above the Law?

So, back in April I attended the Liberty Summit in Mercer, PA. Those that were there knew that I got a speeding ticket while en-route. The thing is, I did it on purpose. Well, before I write the whole story twice, here’s the email I just sent:

Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2012 13:36:35
Subject: Are police above the law?

I cannot find any email addresses for the State Police or its Commissioner (Frank Noonan), so please forward this message in its entirety to him so that he/they can view the linked video.

Back on April 27th I was traveling across the state on I-80 West. It was still early in the day and there hadn’t been much traffic all morning, individual vehicles here and there, but absolutely no congestion… until I got to the Williamsport area. I got to that area and there was a long line of vehicles in both lanes that couldn’t maintain a speed to save their life. For the record, I am a disabled vet with two bad knees, when I travel any distance I set my cruise control within 5 mph of the speed limit, when I have to take the cruise off for no apparent reason it not only annoys me, but it starts to hurt after a while.
Anyway, after about 15 minutes, I finally managed to weave my way far enough through this traffic to see that the cause for this congestion was a State Police Cruiser. He was fluctuating his speed between 65-80 mph and changing lanes frequently, whether there was any reason to or not. After another few minutes of this nonsense, I decided to pull out my video camera and record what I was about to do. I had decided to get up behind this cruiser, set my cruise control, and then pass whenever he moved over. So that’s what I did, and I got pulled over and was issued a speeding ticket. Now, I won’t deny that the speed he (and I) were moving at when I set my cruise control was well above the posted speed limit, but when he said he pulled me over for speeding, I asked him “what about your speeding?” He acted like he wasn’t speeding and seemed offended that I would even think that he could have been breaking the law.
So, I plead not guilty and took it to court. I know that I was, in fact, guilty of speeding, but the whole purpose for me getting the speeding ticket in the first place was to prove that he was breaking the law (I haven’t had a speeding ticket other than this one in around 10 years, I don’t drive like that anymore). So, we get to court and Eiler tried to make me an offer to plead out because he “didn’t appreciate the way it went”. He said that I could plead out to a simple failure to obey a signal and there would be no points on my license. I decided to go ahead and take the trial.
So, we get into the trial and he proceeds to state his case against me. When it was my turn, I decided that rather than to defend myself I would accuse him. All I want is EQUAL JUSTICE. He is not above the law… or is he? Eiler seems to believe that he is above the law. At one point, he actually stated that he has the right to speed. First off, my rights come from my Creator, not from any government. Secondly, while he may have the authority to speed, PA Title 75 (The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code) §3105(a) says that The driver of an emergency vehicle, when responding to an emergency call or when in the pursuit of an actual or suspected violator of the law or when responding to but not upon returning from a fire alarm or other emergency call, may exercise the privileges set forth in this section, but subject to the conditions stated in this section. So, prior to my passing Eiler, none of these conditions were met, but he was speeding in violation of the law. Let’s continue. PA Title 75 §3105(b)(3) states that the driver may exceed the maximum speed limits so long as the driver does not endanger life or property… Well, we already know that none of the conditions required to allow him to exceed the speed limit were met prior to my passing him, so let’s look a little closer: he was endangering life and property by causing congestion on a highway where there was no reason for it (prior to and after my interactions with Eiler, for the entire 300 mile trip I was on, there was absolutely no congestion on the interstate)… well, there’s another violation of state law. But wait, I’m not done yet. 75§3105(c) says The privileges granted in this section to an emergency vehicle shall apply only when the vehicle is making use of an audible signal and visual signals meeting the requirements and standards set forth in regulations adopted by the department. Well, you can see in the attached video that he was not using either audible or visual signals while cruising down the interstate at 80 mph.
So, since I am not allowed to pull someone over or to write tickets, I passed him to make him stop. He seemed indignant at the time that I would question him about his speed. When in the courtroom, I asked him what his maximum speed was before he ever saw me and he couldn’t answer. Then I asked him what his average speed was and he couldn’t answer. He stated that he doesn’t pay attention to his speedometer while driving, but he “doesn’t have a lead foot, so it’s not an issue”. Umm… Eiler… I have video that would disagree with that statement.
Also, at the very end of the video, you can see Eiler pull away and make an immediate u-turn. When we were in the courtroom, he claims that he left “in such a hurry” because he was responding to a domestic disturbance call. Umm, OK, so he was actually (supposedly) responding to an emergency call but didn’t turn on lights or siren? Yet another violation of state law. How many violations of the law is he allowed in an hour?

The whole purpose for this message is that I demand EQUAL JUSTICE for all. Eiler doesn’t believe that he is a citizen that has to follow the same rules as all of us little people. I beg to differ. He is subject to the same rules as the rest of us. He claims that he has special training, but who is to say that I haven’t had training? I would actually be willing to test my skills against his any day, even with my physical disabilities. He was overweight (you can see it in the video… a bulletproof vest doesn’t make your face and neck fat). I’ve also driven at over 160 mph on both a motorcycle and in cars… I doubt Eiler has ever been close to that speed, so I’d put my driving skills against him. And then there’s the firearms aspect of being “law enforcement”… I’m former military and I train regularly with my firearms. I also reload my own ammunition and have played with gunsmithing. I’d put my weapons skills against his. I also wonder what his education level is? The point of listing some of my skills and qualifications is that Eiler is most certainly no better than me in any aspect that I can imagine (I’m pretty sure I have a firmer grasp of the Constitution than he does too).

Yet, this fat cop thinks he is above the law?

He is not the first officer that I have come across that believes he is above the law. I am tired of this holier than thou attitude from public servants. I am a citizen of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and of these United States of America. I am not a servant nor a subject. I am writing you people to get you to take action to ensure that there is equal justice for everyone, regardless of their profession. This is a nation of laws. When the Rule of Law no longer applies to a select portion of the population, it no longer applies to any portion. Do you really want to see what happens when the rule of law is dead?

Also, I have not contacted any media about this yet, but if I don’t hear about some momentum soon to correct this (and other) officers attitude, I will begin contacting media until something is done to eliminate the elitist attitude.

Mark Roote

The video can be seen here:

Are Police Above The Law?

In response to David’s GRE article yesterday, I decided to send the following email. I waited so long to post this here because I wanted to make sure that none of the emails bounced… as of right now, approximately 4 hours after I sent it, I have received no notification of failure.

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 08:26:35 -0400
Subject: Are police above the law?

I wanted to bring an issue to your attention: Requests to investigate anti-gun Philly top cop’s ‘gun crimes’ ignored. I live in Monroe Township, so I have copied my own representatives as well as trying to send it to all representatives of Philadelphia.

Basically, this article (and its source) state that Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey is guilty of misdemeanor and felony violations of Pennsylvania’s Uniform Firearms Act and Attorney General Linda Kelly and the District Attorney are ignoring the attempts to get them to investigate and prosecute.

I find this very upsetting as I am the one Receiving ‘Harsh Treatment‘ that is also linked in that article. The news that the Philly Police Commissioner is being rewarded for blatantly breaking the law is very upsetting since I was not breaking any laws, yet I was threatened with theft and imprisonment. I was in fear for my safety and my ability to return home at the end of the day, so I complied… that won’t happen next time I’m (legally) Open Carrying in Philly.

I will end this with one final note: You need to keep in mind that we are a nation of laws, and when the police (and other public ‘servants’) ignore the law, they relieve the citizen of their obligation to follow it as well. The rule of law protects them from us as much as (or more than) it is supposed to protect us from them. When the law no longer protects the citizen, what makes you think it will protect the ‘servants’?

Restore the rule of law. Force the appropriate persons to investigate, prosecute and then punish the law-breaking Charles Ramsey.

Mark Roote

Bank of America Declaration

I’m a little late to the show on this one, but I left BofA about 3 years ago and haven’t looked back.

Bank of America Declaration

Our actions to restore our nation to its original founding principles are coming to a crossroads. We have been divided in our efforts through an inability to focus upon one issue as a whole. Most of our efforts have been (and still are) focused on the 2012 elections and political ideologies. Our nation was founded on Liberty, not political power and agendas. We need a tangible goal now to show that patriots (not partisans) still control our destiny. One goal, one victory will show that We the People are in control of Liberty’s future.
We believe that the recent events surrounding the Bank of America can become this goal to win our first battle. This institution has decided that the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the United States is not in line with their bank’s code of ethics. We understand that this amendment’s purpose was to protect us from an abusive government. It appears that they feel it may be used to protect us from abusive financial institutions as well. And they may be correct: the distinction between government and financial institutions in our country is gone.
The Bank of America is the country’s largest bank with assets of $2.3 trillion. This bank currently has $75 trillion in credit derivatives.
Here is a list of additional grievances:
This financial institution has been found guilty of laundering South American drug money in 2006 ($7.5 million settlement).
They received $20 billion in US Treasury support with an additional $118 billion government backstop to buy Merrill Lynch.
They failed to properly disclose employee bonuses and financial losses at Merrill Lynch before shareholders approved the merger of the companies: $150 million settlement with the SEC.
Bank of America Illegally Foreclosed on Active Service Members’ Homes. Settlement agreement was $20 million.
Their purchase of Countrywide resulted in a loss of $65 billion to stockholders.
They paid $335 million to settle Countrywide’s housing discrimination claims.
They paid $410 million to settle a class-action lawsuit affecting more than 13 million Bank of America customers who accused the bank of charging excessive overdraft fees for electronic transactions.
Bank of America moved approximately $18 trillion worth of derivative obligations from Merrill Lynch and the BAC holding company to the FDIC insured retail deposit division. This transfers the risk from the bank to the taxpayers since the FDIC cannot cover this amount.
Their executives are major donors to the president’s reelection campaign.
The president will give his acceptance speech for the Democrat nomination for president at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.
Warren Buffett injected $5 billion into Bank of America for special considerations for stock warrants and a 6% annual return for ten years. This bank’s regular personal savings account pays 0.05% annually.
We propose the following actions to be taken immediately:
1. Close out any personal or business accounts with Bank of America.
2. If you are a business, do not accept their debit or credit cards for purchases.
3. Sell your personal stock in this bank.
4. If your retirement or mutual fund owns stock in this bank, request that they divest it from their portfolios.
5. Help spread this effort in any manner that you can.
6. Fill out the form at this link showing what actions you took based on this project.
No institution has maligned the principles and morality of our nation as the misnamed Bank of America. It is past time to stand up with actions instead of words.

Craig Scott Cavanaugh ( Keep It Simple Survival )
Justin Combs ( The Arctic Patriot )
T.L. Davis ( TL In Exile )
David DeGerolamo ( NCRenegade )
Michael Lewis Downing ( Liberty & Preparedness )
Sam Kerodin ( III Percent Patriots )
Richard Dallas Timm ( THE DORKFISH EXPRESS )
William Brock Townsend ( Free North Carolina )
Peter White ( Western Rifle Shooters Association )

Individual Signatories in order of their acceptance of this declaration:

John Robert Mallernee (OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE)
Tom Baugh (Starving the Monkeys)
Additional updates HERE
Robert Alan Sweet (Looking In The Mirror)
Russell D. Longcore (DumpDC)
Teresa Sue Delight Hoke House (Traditions & Skills of Everyday Life)
DH Pence (The Lizard Farmer)
Mark Roote (Random Thoughts from Nobody)

Business signatories in order of acceptance of this declaration:
Soft Baugh Inc

Conversation about rights.

I was having a conversation at work the other day with someone that I consider a friend. We were talking about personal security and why I carry a gun openly, and he was trying to make me feel bad about scaring people (the little old lady in line behind me at the store, etc.) He asked me how many times I have had to use it since I started carrying. When I said never, he asked me what the chances of needing it were in civilized society.
And then he walked away to get his coffee. The conversation and his attitude upset me enough to write the following email:

From: Roote, Mark
Sent: Friday, May 18, 2012 10:38 AM
Subject: this is civilized society?

Statistic for places that I go regularly enough to be concerned about:
Berwick crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 9 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.
Clarks Summit crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 2 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.
Dallas Township crime statistics report an overall downward trend in crime based on data from 5 years with violent crime decreasing and property crime increasing.
Dalton crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 2 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.
Duryea crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 2 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.
Forty Fort crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 5 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.
Hanover crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 11 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.
Harrisburg crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 10 years with violent crime increasing and property crime decreasing.
Harveys Lake crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 2 years with violent crime decreasing and property crime increasing.
Hazleton crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 7 years with violent crime increasing and property crime decreasing.
Jermyn crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 4 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.
Kingston Township crime statistics report an overall downward trend in crime based on data from 5 years with violent crime increasing and property crime decreasing.
Larksville crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 3 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.
Meshoppen crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 2 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.
Moosic crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 5 years with violent crime decreasing and property crime increasing.
West Pittston crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 5 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.
Wilkes-Barre Township crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 5 years with violent crime decreasing and property crime increasing.
Wyoming crime statistics report an overall downward trend in crime based on data from 4 years with violent crime decreasing and property crime increasing.
Scranton crime statistics report an overall upward trend in crime based on data from 9 years with violent crime increasing and property crime increasing.

OK, so those are statistics, you can see that there is an upward trend in smaller towns near us. I also know I left several out, but if they showed an overall downward trend with violent crimes and property crimes both decreasing I left them out (and I’m sure there are some that I didn’t even look at).
Here are a couple of stories from recent new around us:
Edwardsville shooting victims ID’d – so there was a shooting Wednesday night in Edwardsville.
Man charged in attack of woman – Wilkes-Barre
Man charged with shooting at cop
Prosecutor: Police, firefighter abused Pa. teen
Old Forge police chief arrested (on charges he had sex with a 15-year-old girl)

From the Times Leader’s Police Blotter:
– Victoria Lopez reported someone kicked in a door to her apartment in Hanover Village and stole items. The burglary occurred sometime in the last three weeks.
– Police are investigating a robbery of an 82-year-old woman whose purse was stolen from her on Mine Street at about 3:35 p.m. Tuesday. A dark-skinned male, about 5 feet, 6 inches tall wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, grabbed the purse from the woman, who fought her attacker. She suffered an injury to her arm, police said.
– Police are investigating an armed robbery at the Turkey Hill on Alter Street at 3:53 a.m. Wednesday. A white male, 5 feet, 8 inches tall and about 200 pounds, wearing a black knit hat, black pants and a long sleeve shirt, got away with an undetermined amount of cash. The suspect brandished a handgun, police said.

And here’s a good place to keep an eye on violent mobs, but here are some reports from within PA this year:
59 year old man robbed by 8 males, one w/ handgun (Harrisburg, PA – 4/21/12)
Man walking home from work attacked by six kids aged 11-14 (Pittsburgh, PA – 2/24/12)
College student in Center City assaulted as taxi cab attacked while stopped at red light (Philadelphia, PA – 1/28/12)

And don’t forget the kid that was attacked by someone with a machete while he was walking away from school (GAR) back in February.

So, after all of that, you’re going to tell me that statistically I shouldn’t worry about my safety? I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you. It is my responsibility to protect myself and my family (multiple supreme courts have ruled that the police have no legal duty to protect… not to mention that they are almost never around when they are needed… “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”). If you are comfortable playing the odds, go for it. I am not comfortable with that. I am fully aware that bad things happen unexpectedly and there is evil in the world. My gun is part of my insurance plan. This insurance plan has multiple parts to it, including avoiding places that I think are dangerous if at all possible.
The fact that anyone, whether it be you or some little old lady in line behind me at the checkout, is afraid of me simply for carrying an inanimate object, it’s not my problem. Humans are born with the right (and responsibility) of self defense. If you choose not to exercise that right it’s your prerogative and I won’t hold it against you. You have no authority to restrict my rights to self defense, period. I don’t care whether it makes you uncomfortable or not. Seeing two gay guys go at it makes me uncomfortable, and a lot of things that the media says (when they can be proven as lies) makes me uncomfortable, but I’m not trying to restrict their rights to free choice or speech.
The next time you think about restricting my rights, any of them, not just my right to bear arms, replace the right you want to restrict from me with the right to free speech and see how reasonable it sounds. In addition to my firearms being protected by the 2A, my right to free expression is being threatened. My openly carried sidearm is a warning, would you be more comfortable with me wearing/carrying a sign that says “I have a gun and I know how to use it”? I think that would cause more fear than actually openly carrying, but in the end, I DON’T CARE if it instills fear in “innocent” people… and I have no obligation to care. I am armed to protect myself and others that I see that need help, if anyone doesn’t like it they can tell me about it, but I have no obligation to give anyone a “warm and fuzzy” feeling. The world is a hard place. Either a person recognizes that and does everything they can to prepare for it or they don’t. I choose to prepare.
Also, “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” ~Thomas Jefferson. Roughly, that boils down to: You have the right to Freedom OF Religion, not freedom FROM religion. This same rule applies to absolutely every other human right. You have freedom OF, not freedom FROM.

Sorry for the long email, but this is a very touchy subject for me on so many levels. No matter how civilized we think we are, there is only a very thin veneer of civilization between life as we know it and total breakdown of society (AKA, after Katrina life in the Superdome).
It is my responsibility to protect myself and my family, and I take my responsibilities VERY seriously.

PS. This is civilized China – Customs officials intercept 17,000 pills filled with powdered baby flesh from China. There is evil in the world. That may not be happening here, yet, but there are discussions from the intelligencia about the propriety of post-birth abortion. Post-birth abortion is another phrase for murdering an infant because it may be ill (or even just unwanted). And yet we live in a civilized society?

Mark Roote

Is it just me?

Racism is a rather difficult subject for me to bring up. I am not racist, but I am a white guy. The cliche that some of my best friends are black is true in my case. My step-daughter is mixed and I love her just the same. Now, having said all that, what the hell has our nation become?
As I have stated before, I am a disabled vet. As such, I regularly need to be seen at the VA hospital. The closest VA with adequate facilities/specialists for my specific injuries is the Manhattan VA. My last appointment was on Thursday the 26th, and the racism in that place is getting terrible. I first started going there back in early 2009, and from the start I felt a tinge of it. Each time I’ve been there, it felt a little bit worse. I thought I might be imagining it, but this time it was undeniable… or I’m really just that paranoid?
Anyway, I get to the specialists check in desk and there are two people sitting there (both black). The male is checking someone in and the female is just sitting there. She looks at me as I start towards her and points to the guy. OK. So as I’m standing there waiting for the guy I’m watching her and she’s doing nothing. Nothing on the computer. No patients. Nothing. Then some black guy walks in and gets in line behind me and she calls him over to check him in. Strike 1 this time (this is the same woman that has been giving me attitude for 3 years, but I’ve been ignoring it).
So, I finally get checked in and the nurses do the preliminary stuff (vitals, etc), no hints of racism from them (of course they were all asian, the only people displaying racism were black). I get called back to see the specialist, we talk about what’s going on, he sends me for some x-rays. I get to the desk there to check in and get checked in. While I’m sitting there waiting, a black guy comes out of the back (he’s one of the techs). The woman that checked me in says “he’s here for you” and they both look at me, he says something to her that I didn’t hear, they both laugh and he goes in the back. 10 minutes later he comes out again and calls one of the black patients that got checked in after me (he was not an emergent case). The same tech comes out several minutes later and gets the other black guy that checked in after me. Finally, after I’d been sitting there for 25 minutes or so another tech comes out and gets me (this guy was Italian). The x-rays I needed took all of 5 minutes, but the black tech was apparently too busy for me.
So, I get done with that, go back down to the specialist and finish my exam and treatment (I finally got the shot I was supposed to get last year, that wasn’t racism, that was standard VA bureaucracy). The Dr. tells me to come back in 3 months to see if it worked, so I go to check out. The black woman ignores me again so I go to the guy. Wait for him to finish with the patient in front of me and then hand him the paper. He looks at it, says “3 months, you’ll get a letter” and drops the paper. OK, fine, that was kinda rude and I’ve never been given a follow-up appointment like that, but whatever.
So I go down to get my travel voucher. After waiting for the people in front of me to finish I get to the window. There’s nobody in line behind me. The 3 black people in the room ignore me while talking about personal shit for about 5 minutes. Finally, the one furthest from the window looks at me and asks what I’m there for. I say I need a voucher and he says that the cashier is closed at 3:30. I said that I see the sign, but you’re supposed to do the voucher the day of your appointment, and since it’s over 150 miles for me to get here, I’m not leaving without it. He puts me in the computer and says, “oh, yeah, you qualify”. It took everything in me not to snap at him. I’ve been through this shit before, but after being ignored for hours by the people that are supposed to speed the process up, I’m kinda pissed off by this point. So, he fills it out and says I’ll receive a check in about two weeks.

I’m trying to figure out how to file a formal complaint.

I realize that racism against blacks does happen. I realize that slavery was a huge problem in this country. I also know that I am not racist and have never been a slave owner. My parents and grandparents never owned slaves. This shit pisses me off.

Now, after I’ve said all that, do you think that race isn’t going to play a part in the upcoming activities? I may not be racist, but when the opponent is, does it make any difference?

This guy has *not* attended every Tea Party meeting I was at. He’s a problem for the Tea Party.

Maloney 1
Maloney 2

This guy is a party hack that has been (successfully?) attempting to infiltrate the Tea Party movement. I know that we here in NE PA are not alone in this. Tea Partiers, give these people the boot. Stephen is the reason that I don’t attend meetings. After he and I had a discussion at one of them and he basically told me I was an idiot for being an Independent.

Yeah, the Independents that research the candidates are the reason the country is screwed.


I’ll let you know if he responds.

UPDATE 29 December, 2011 1020 hrs

Stephen didn’t respond to me, but someone else did. I responded to him and then stepped away for a while. When I came back I did a refresh to see if there were any new comments and this is what I saw:
Maloney 3

Hmm, interesting. So I decided to do a search for Stephen R. Maloney (per the name on the above screen shots) and this is what I saw:
Maloney 4a
Maloney 4b

Very interesting. Either Mr. Maloney jumped off of Facebook or he has banned me from seeing and commenting on his posts. I suspect the latter… How very ‘democratic’ of him.

Anyone on Facebook want to check him out and see what he had to say about my remarks now that I can’t see him? If you can send me screen shots, that would be great.

Another note, I can no longer see the “notification” that was just there telling me there were comments to that post.

UPDATE 30 December, 2011 0656 hrs
It turns out that Stephen R. Maloney is not the person that I met at Scranton Tea Party events. I am now not sure if I ever actually met him in person, but I’m not sure what else would have induced me to add him as a Facebook ‘friend’. However, having said that, the conversation remains valid and people like him are still a problem for the Tea Party.

Declaration of War

I just sent this to Tom Marino’s (PA 10th) legislative director:

Justify to me how Tom voted yes on the bill that allows capture and indefinite detention of American citizens captured on American soil without the benefit of any trial.
I am not asking for this, I am demanding it… Agreeing to this bill is a Declaration of War on the People of the United States.
You can try to claim that there are provisions that protect citizens, but before you tell me that; define a terrorist and explain to me how any TEA Party member, extreme couponer or Mormon couldn’t fit into the loose definition of ‘terrorist’ in this bill.

There is a very slim chance that you can convince me that this act cannot be abused now by the obama administration or in the future by any other administration.

I understand that it was included in the DOD appropriations bill, but it would have been better to vote no and defund the military than to allow this evil through. And this is coming from someone that has a LOT of friends currently serving overseas in combat zones. I do not make this statement lightly. It would be better to bring them and all of our equipment home than to pass this bill. So, claiming that he “had” to pass the bill to “take care of our troops” is a bullshit answer. That is NO reason to declare war on the People of this country.

I cannot stress this enough. The House and the Senate have declared war on We The People and the president is expected to sign it tomorrow. He has already said that he would not veto it. Do you fucking idiots have any god damned idea what you are fucking with. I personally fit into several of the “suspected terrorist” categories. When the government decides to come and get me, PEOPLE WILL DIE. Yes, I will most likely be one of them, but I will not be the only one. You fucking idiots are playing with a flamethrower in a fucking magazine and expecting life to go on. Do you have any idea what Tom and the other 283 congressmen have just done?

There is a saying in my line of work. I work in Industrial Safety, specifically in mitigating the chances of a dust explosion. Basically there are 4 things you need for an explosion to occur: 1) Enclosure 2) Fuel 3) Oxygen and 4) Spark. The saying is that ignition is free. You can do a very good job of reducing the risks of the first three, but ignition is free. What that means is that any little thing, the tiniest piece of scrap from an operation picked up and blown through the system until it contacts a ferrous metal will set it off. I was just told about an incident at a plant. The plant did everything they could to eliminate all hazards, and they did a very good job. But one day, someone was smoking outside in the parking lot and flicked the butt. A pigeon picked it up and flew into the warehouse, then got too close to a vacuum line and the butt got sucked in. An explosion occurred. It never should have, they did everything they could to prevent it, but the spark was free.

Now, having said that, the government has created the first three conditions and now you’re playing with matches.

Tom, and everyone else that passed this bill will be held responsible when the civil war that you have just declared on the population explodes.

So, again, tell me where I’m wrong. I will be very surprised if you can convince me I am wrong, but I do have an open mind. And if you can convince me I will share that with the people I know.

If you can’t convince me, congratulations on starting the next civil war. Are you prepared for it?

Mark Roote

I’ll let you all know if I get an answer. Prior to this, Drew and I have been in irregular conversations regarding Fast & Furious and some other things. It was enough that I am confident he will recognize my name. Up til today I had respect for Tom, I can almost guarantee that respect is gone.

Just called my Senator’s office

I just called Senator Toomey’s office in DC and pretty much got the response I expected. The phone call went pretty much as follows:
Toomey’s Assistant (TA): “Senator Toomey’s office
Me: “I need some information on the Defense Bill that just passed
TA: “What information do you need?
Me: “If I read this thing correctly, an amendment was included that allows the military to arrest and detain an American citizen on American soil indefinitely without any form of trial… Is this true?
TA: “Please hold
Me: *twiddles my thumbs*
TA: “There were 2 amendments that talked about this (he gave me numbers, but I didn’t write them down), and American citizens are specifically exempted
Me: “Yeah, I read that, but that’s not what it said, it said American citizens were exempted UNLESS they were affiliated with Al Qaeda or a similar organization.
TA: “I’ll let the senator know that you’re disappointed with his vote on…” (I cut him off)
Me: “You may want to phrase it a bit more strongly than disappointed, because if what I understand is true, he has just declared war on every American citizen
TA: “That’s not what that means…” (I cut him off again)
Me: “Oh? What does it mean then? Who defines what a similar organization is?
TA: *no answer*
Me: “OK, so, if American soil has been declared part of the battlefield and the military can detain any American citizen at the whim of any President or military member for an indefinite period of time with no trial or anything, what do you call it? I call that a declaration of war against every American Citizen, and I don’t take that declaration lightly. If that is not the case, then the Senator needs to come out loud and clear and say that’s not what is in the bill and have the proof to back that up.
TA: “Uh, um, thank you for your call.
Me: “I’ll be looking forward to the Senators response

Note, he never asked for my name, and I never gave it, nor did I give a phone number or anything else… he never asked since we went straight to the meat of the issue. Also note, he never told me that I was wrong about what it said after the American Citizens are exempt.
This is not an exact transcript of the conversation as I haven’t figured out how to record phone calls on my iphone yet (does anyone know how to do that?)

I won’t waste my time calling Casey’s office as I already know that he is a progressive jackass and not worth my time. He will not be returning to office after 2012 (if we make it that far), so we just have to put up with him for now.

Petition to Impeach Every Senator Who Voted for “U.S. is a Battlefield Bill”

Another request for the “Second Front”

I just fired this email off to my Representative’s legislative director (I met him and got his direct contact info when I was there in February to “introduce” my Rep to Project Gunwalker.

It’s been a while since I’ve sent you any updates on F&F, but I’m sure you’re aware that the scandal just keeps growing. Well, the folks responsible for breaking this open (Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea) are asking for assistance getting the second (and third?) “fronts” opened up on it. I believe Rep Marino can have a direct impact on the actions discussed in one of Mike’s latest columns – A Message From Sipsey Street Irregulars to the Gun Rights Policy Conference.
I/we appreciate Rep Marino’s assistance getting this to Rep Smith and then to Rep Issa after my meeting with both of you back in February, but it is time to “step it up”. There have been enough facts come out that it is possible to open additional fronts into the investigations. Since Rep Marino is on both the Committee on Homeland Security and the Committee on Judiciary, I believe it is time for him to review the progression of this scandal (Journalists Guide to Project Gunwalker, start with page one and continue through the rest). Why did the FBI “disappear” a third weapon from the Terry murder scene? What were they trying to hide? Why did the FBI tamper with the NICS background check system to allow known criminals to purchase firearms? Consider the implications this case has on our relationship with Mexico (with an eye on ITAR regulations).
Please, consider moving this on to the next stages. Open more investigations alongside Rep Issa and Senator Grassley. There are enough crimes tied in to this scandal that you can all stay busy for a while.

Mark Roote

After I sent it to my rep, I decided to send a letter to every representative on the Committee on Homeland Security and the Committee on Judiciary. This is that letter in case anyone wants to send it:

Dear Committee on Homeland Security/Judiciary Member,
I’m sure by now that you’ve heard of Operation Fast and Furious. This is the ATF/FBI/DEA/DOJ/State/etc operation that walked thousands of firearms to Mexico’s most violent criminals. This operation, under the supposed authority of the ATF, allowed known criminals to purchase weapons (the FBI tampered with the NICS background check system to allow these criminals a pass). As it turns out, the DEA and other agencies were actually paying several of these straw purchasers as informants. So, essentially, our “law enforcement” agencies paid criminals to purchase and transport weapons to violent criminals in Mexico. There are way too many violations of law for me to list, but for a thorough background on what is currently known, go read A Journalists Guide to Project Gunwalker. There is a very thorough timeline of discoveries there, but don’t skip any pages. Start with page 1 and read through all 6 pages. Then, when you get done with that, talk to Rep Issa and see what info he can share and what actions you can take to begin your own investigations. There are plenty of topics for you to consider, like: Why did the FBI “disappear” a third weapon from the Terry murder scene? What were they trying to hide? Why did the FBI tamper with the NICS background check system to allow known criminals to purchase firearms? What implications does this case have on our relationship with Mexico (what about ITAR regulations?).
For a good starting point at opening multiple investigations, look at A Message From Sipsey Street Irregulars to the Gun Rights Policy Conference.
I have sent this same letter to every member of the Committee on Homeland Security and the Committee on Judiciary. This scandal is an affront to ALL Americans and Mexicans. This administration is aiding in the murder of innocent people by Operation Fast & Furious and all the other operations like it (Houston, Florida, Illinois, etc). How would you feel if your family member was murdered by a gun bought with US tax dollars in a “legal” sale allowed to go through with the assistance of the FBI (because the purchaser was a known felon and couldn’t pass the NICS check on his own) and trafficked under the watchful eye of the ATF?
Please, begin your investigations into this scandal and bring justice to all that deserve it.
Mark Roote

OK, It’s taking a long time to send it to all of them since I have to make up an address in their district, so I’m focusing on Homeland Security first, then Judiciary later.