My Speeding Ticket Update

So, back in April I got a speeding ticket, here’s the story: Are Police Above The Law?
One of my reps had one of her people forward it to the PSP as I requested (the day after I sent it to them) and I got a response from PSP today (finally). Here it is:

Your complaint regarding Tpr. EILER’s driving and duty performance on 04/27/12 has been reviewed by myself and several members of the PSP command staff.

After a thorough review, we have found no wrongdoing on the part of Tpr. EILER, and no violations of departmental regulations.

Your complaint has been resolved and the matter closed.

Thank you.

Cpl. Todd BRIAN | Patrol Unit Supervisor
Pennsylvania State Police |Troop F, Lamar/
7127 Nittany Valley Dr | Mill Hall, PA, 17751

Well, that is an unsatisfactory answer, so I sent this in response:

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Re: PSP Complaint
Date: Wed, August 22, 2012 3:36 pm
To: “Brian, Todd A” |
Cc: “Young, David J” |
“Tobias, Robert F” |

So, you condone your officers violating the law (speed limits and other
sections of PA Title 75) and disregarding public safety (severe congestion
with erretic speed changes caused solely by Eiler’s driving)? Average
citizens get tickets for these violations.
It is apparent that you, and Eiler, believe that you are above the law.
This means that you do not actually recognize the rule of law unless it
applies to citizens. Do you arrogant bastards even realize that the Rule
of Law protects you more than it is supposed to protect the citizen? How
long do you expect citizens to tolerate this lawless behavior from the
“law enforcement” officers? You are all a disgrace to the uniform. Every
time I have to interact with one of you people wearing the PSP uniform, my
trust and respect of you all gets lower.
Beware what will happen when we average citizens begin to treat the law
the way you treat it. You will be the first to feel the effects of it.
We are fast approaching a day when a citizen will feel safer by running
from anyone wearing a badge and/or uniform than submitting to you… And a
citizen running from you is the best you could hope for, many won’t run,
they will choose to protect themselves from you in other ways.
Reestablish the Rule of Law before it is too late. Punish Eiler for his
violations (that were recorded on video) and spread the word amongst your
troops that further violations of the law will not be tolerated before the
citizens feel they have to correct you. The fact that I was speeding is
not in dispute, but in the video you can clearly see that I was following
Eiler at the same speed he was travelling without lights and/or sirens (as
required by state law). That is all the evidence you need to prove that
he was violating the law. His attitude when I questioned him about his
speed is more than enough to show that he doesn’t believe the law applies
to him. I won’t go into his actions when I asked him about it in the
courtroom, but it was even more disturbing than what you can see in the
This is not the end of this matter.

Mark Roote

They simply don’t realize what they are setting themselves up for.

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