A Letter to the USMC PAOs

Pete brought a post by AP to my attention. AP wrote up a great letter to the USMC based on the events in Pete’s earlier post, The Integration.

I have modified AP’s letter/email as follows and sent it to the email addresses Pete gave us, along with sending it to my State Reps and my state’s US Reps:
Sir or Ma’am,

As a veteran with prior service in the US Army Airborne, I remember well my oath of enlistment. I remember an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I am writing you concerning this story:


According to this news story, the US Marine Corps is actively training armed civilian police officers in military tactics, for purposes of “integration”.

There was a statement in the story:

“I think it’s always good when you get an opportunity to work on some similar tactics and procedures so that everybody’s kind of operating on the same page. That way when you bring teams together from active duty and the civilian side, it makes the integration a whole lot smoother.”
I have three questions that I would like to have answered concerning this:

1.) RE: “Operating on the same page”… It is obvious that these civilian officers that the USMC trained will be using these tactics (presumably to include dynamic room entry and other high-intensity-combat methods) against US civilians. Why do civilian LEOs need to operate against US civilians “on the same page” as the USMC would operate against foreign combatants? Can you explain to me how training civilian police officers to more effectively kill US citizens is in line with your oaths of enlistment/commission to uphold the US Constitution?

2.) RE: “That way when you bring teams together from active duty and the civilian side, it makes the integration a whole lot smoother” What exactly do you mean by this? Does the USMC plan to take civilian LEOs to foreign theatres, or are you implying by “integration” that United States Marines will be used CONUS against United States civilians?

3.) As a civilian rifleman, being a part of the United States’ Constitutional Militia, when can I and my other countrymen expect an invitation to train alongside US Marines?

An answer would be appreciated, as the “integration” of military and police forces is a matter of grave concern to myself and many of my countrymen.

Mark Roote

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